Foot Treatments


Don’t just stand there. Lets us soak, buff, trim, gently massage and polish. It feels so good!

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Spa Pedi

A pleasant experience awakens the tired, swollen feet and legs when they are soaked and exfoliated with dead sea salt to remove the dead kin. Massaged to relieve tension both in legs and feet, and the use of wonderful and long lasting paraffin treatment with warm booties. along with a final polish. What more can be said of taking the total plunge.

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Aromatherapy Pedi

The essence permeates the area and your tired feet are getting the soak of their life. The essential oils that are blended just for you to send your senses on vacation. Come ready to relax and escape with us.

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Paraffin Treatment

Add this to your pedicure for extra hydration, followed with warm booties.

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