Spa Body Treatment

Make Your Body Beautiful

We love helping you energize your body, freshen your skin, and walk back into the world feeling and looking amazing. Our body treatments are specifically designed to leave you feeling rejuvenated!

Wide Variety of Specialized Treatments!

We offer a variety of unique and specialized body treatments just for you! Whether you want your hair and makeup done, a mani/pedi, or a tanning session to gear up for beach season, we will make you look and feel great!


Sea Salt Glow

Buy Gift Certificate  $45 (Add a salt or sugar exfoliation treatment to any massage for just an extra $30.00)

Tan and Glo

Full body exfoliation treatment with application of skin nourishing botanical self tanning lotion.

Buy Gift Certificate  $65

Herbal Body Wrap

This healthy inch loss program is a method of taking off inches and tightening skin in just one hour. It invloves wrapping the body with cotton cloth that has been soaked in our All Natural Aloe Vera and Herb solution. It is perfectly safe, healthful, and very relaxing. Lose 5-15 inches every wrap.

Buy Gift Certificate  $85

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